Because you are “gourmets” Colette gives you the key to gastronomy,
and will savour the French Food art with you.

Colette is a food lover and she used to teach the history of gastronomy at the university of Burgundy over 20 years. She recently retired. She will lead you to a quaint country inn or a renowned chef’s famous restaurant. Where ever, it will be pure pleasure to share and explain !

Gastronomie bourguignonne

Gastronomy is an art, a life style : the only art which involves your 5 senses…
Colette will initiate you and comment for you the french table manners !

Gastronomie Bourguignonne par Colette Barbier

Are you interested by the specialities ?

Colette will explain you why and how did mustard become THE specialty of Dijon ?
Why and how did Burgundy snails (“escargots”) became part of the French gastronomy heritage ?

But also, because gastronomy doesn’t exist without wine, Colette will tell you how to create the best harmony between food and wines.

Come in Burgundy and Colette will share with you her passion for history of Gastronomy, between the antiquity and nowadays !